Learn to Play Baccarat In 8 Easy Steps!

Playing on baccarat sites will offer a great opportunity to earn money while having fun. To learn how to play, just follow these steps:

  1. Choose your bet. In the center of the baccarat table, you will see three “boxes,” labeled Player, Banker and Tie. You can bet on either one, or you can combine them in any way you deem is the most profitable. Just click on the box to place your bet.
  2. Choose the size of the bet. This step is simple: just select the amount you want to wager. Baccarat sites usually offer a wide range of bet amount for the player to choose from, starting from only $1 and reaching up to $500.
  3. Click the DEAL button. The game begins! Baccarat is a very simple card game, yet it offers many variations. This ensures that it is never dull.
  4. The player and the banker (the house) receive two cards each. However, the cards are not dealt at once, but one at the time. The first to receive the card is the player, then the banker, and the same routine repeats once more.
  5. There is a special case where third card is drawn. However, we won’t go into such details in this article. The idea is to present beginners with just the outline of the game, so they can grasp the basic rules of baccarat.
  6. The cards are added to calculate the total. The value of the cards is not the same as you might expect from your previous experience. For example, the face cards – Jack, Queen and King – are worth nothing. This is quite unlike online poker, for instance.
  7. The total from the player and the banker is compared. The winner is whoever has got the highest total. It both hands count the same, then it’s a tie. To win a tied game you would have to have bet on it. If you haven’t placed a wager in the Tie Box, then you have lost.

These are only the basic outlines of every baccarat game. If you want to know more details, and learn how you can use them to your advantage, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!