How to Bet on Baccarat Sites

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Betting on baccarat sites is quite straightforward. Just as you can presume from the betting options, there are three ways that the game of baccarat can end:

  1. The banker has the highest total
  2. The player has the highest total
  3. The game is tied – both the player and the banker have the exact same total

What’s different about betting baccarat sites, as compared to other online card games, is that you are not directly involved in the game by assuming a “role.” For example, if you play online Texas Holdem, you always assume the role of the player. In a game of baccarat, you are able to bet on the player, the banker, or the tie. What’s even better, you can combine these bets freely. You can even bet on all three!

Spreading your bets

Being able to spread your bet and cover every possible outcome offers countless opportunities. Create bold strategies, and take over the game completely! In addition, baccarat is played with a single standard card deck, with 52 cards. Since the hands are dealt from the same deck, you can use a simple trick to ensure winning – track which cards have “passed.” This technique, known as counting cards, is not hard to learn – you just need to remember the hands in previous games. The more you play, the less cards there is going to be left in the deck. It will become easy to “predict” the possible hands, and ensure profitable betting.

Deciding the winner

The winner of the game is whoever has the highest total. The total is calculated according to these rules.

  1. If you bet on the player, you will win only if the player presents the highest score. In any other case you will lose.
  2. If you bet on the banker, and the banker indeed shows the strongest score, you have won.
  3. To win on a tied game, you need to place a bet specifically in this field. If there is a tie, and you have bet on either the banker or the player, you will lose.

Baccarat Sites

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